This is a Torch Bearer

Carriers of His Presence

The Identity

The foundation for Jesus' ministry success was not in His calling or gifting. His success wasn't in compassion for the multitudes nor was it in the power of the Holy Spirit upon Him.

  His success and your's lies in the Foundation of Identity, He was God's Son...and so are you. The identity is what the world is attempting to make us question most and without this foundation the Lord is unable to build the House.

The Invitation

Everything Jesus ever did was out of Love for His Father. As in marriage, Love isn't a feeling that comes upon us once and never again. Our marriages need continual refreshing and so does our walk with Jesus. The scripture says, The disciples were continually filled with Joy and with the Holy Spirit, Acts 13:52. This was the power and experience of Abiding.

The Inheritance

Jesus said,"Many are called but few are chosen" Matthew 22:14. For every Minister of the Gospel there is a time when we knew beyond any doubt that we were called. Also, for every Minister, circumstances can make us question that we ever were called, not to mention chosen. Invitations and choosing from our Heavenly Father aren't a "one and done" offer. 

The Gifts and Callings of God are without repentance, Romans 11:29. He gave them to you and He never took them away. This is your inheritance.



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