What is the Torch and Who are its Bearers

The Light of the World  

John 8:12

In Jesus' day, when they spoke of a light being cast across a room it was fire. When Jesus said,"I Am the Light of the world", He was saying I Am the Fire.

The Torch is His Presence that all who God calls to ministry He longs to choose them to carry His manifest Presence. The Torch isn't heavy, in fact it's as light as air itself but, only in His Presence. If I get distracted from His Presence by the things of this world the Torch becomes as heavy as the world itself and impossible to carry.

Psalm 50:2/Matthew 11:29-30/1 John 1:7/Luke 12:49

Many Called, Few Chosen

Matthew 22:14

Jesus started the Fire of the New Covenant. He was called to ministry on the earth and during His life He proved to the Father He could be Chosen. This meant He could be entrusted with the Keys to the Kingdom.

 As every Minister is called, this calling also qualifies them to be chosen to carry the Torch of His Presence. The core requirement for being Chosen is...Time in His Presence. Only in His Presence does the Bearer have the spiritual strength to hold the Torch and only in His Presence does the Torch have the air necessary to breathe and burn.

 The Torch breathes the air of Heaven and exhales Light. The air of Heaven always comes with His Presence. The Torch Bearer must be one who abides in Him

Acts 2:2-3/Rev. 2:5/1 John 4:16/Matt. 11:29-30

In Christ, New Creation

2 Corinthians 5:17

Even the Torch itself can be a distraction from Jesus. The Torch Bearer must be disciplined to keep their eyes on Jesus. This means the Torch comes with pain caused by the sacrifice of earthly relationships and opportunities. The Bearers eyes must stay on eternity and not be distracted by the temporal.

 The rewards of pain and sacrifice are multiplied beyond all the Bearer can ask or think. Bearing the Torch allows the Bearer increased vision and understanding of spiritual things. God's Word comes alive and is seen in all things as never before. The Bearer gets to experience freedom come to people, families and even communities. Bearing the Torch means starting a Holy movement. Because the Bearer is disciplined to abide they will also experience Life on a grand scale, Movement and advancement of the Kingdom and the identity as one who Christ lives through. The Lamb receives the most possible return from the Torch Bearer possible as His reward, a hundredfold.

Matt. 16:24-26/Gal. 5:24/Romans 8:13-14



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