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This is first a story of a God encounter that healed and restored a broken soul. I was allowed to experience for weeks the Glory of God. In the Hebrew that word is Kabod meaning His weighty Presence. From the Glory comes the call to every Believer. Even those who have been called and chosen are about to be visited by the Lord in a "heavier" experience than ever. This visitation is to purify the calling and empower the invitation to the nation.

Second, an encouragement that God doesn't play favorites. He has made Himself accessible to all who will "Diligently Seek Him."

Third, God wants to walk with you to call others to Himself and begin the relationship of a lifetime.

I hope every reader will view this book as a "Lid Upon the Treasure Chest."

I could have gone into much greater detail in every chapter but I wanted to share more topics of information. I pray that throughout each chapter the Holy Spirit will stir you to search the scripture to see the things written are true and He will be allowed to take you into depths of understanding more of His Kingdom and its King.

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