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We’re Torch Bearers, and we can’t wait to start working together to fan the flame of the Presence of Jesus in and around you. It's His vision that is most important to us and we're here to help map out the needs of your life, and provide the necessary tools to obtain His Presence and Power in all area's of your life and ministry. Since 1998, ministers have reached out to us for tailored solutions formed by God's Word and the Holy Spirit.

It's time to burn again for Him.


Torch Bearers Services

Consulting for Ministers and their Ministries

It's all about His Presence

We help restore through the process of 3V

Vision, Value, Vulnerabilities

Torch Bearers exists to solve the critical issues facing ministers, both large and small. Our unique approach is what makes us successful. We provide targeted and focused services and solutions to help Ministers revive their calling, achieve God's vision and bring GLORY to the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

All you need is your Vision restored which will regain your knowledge of what's really of Value allowing you to identify where you are Vulnerable.

Introductory Consultation

The Prize is yours

Personal Identity
Personal Security
Personal Cleansing
Personal Path

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Strategic Planning Session



Your calling is fulfilled as you...

Obtain Vision, revealing what is truly Valuable, exposing where and what makes your calling Vulnerable.



Torch Bearer Leadership Development, Inc., was founded by Larry Cole, who is also a graduate of the        Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.

He has been Pastoring, Discipling and Mentoring since 1999




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