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Equipping the Saints Preparing His Bride

What is Torch Bearers purpose?

To search out and reveal the


that empowers peoples lives for Kingdom success.

What can Torch Bearers do for you?

Our curriculum and processes of teaching are

decades long tried and true.

We've helped many people find...

A. Who and where they are.

B. Who and where God wants them to be.

C. Chart a path that leads from point A to point B.

How can Torch Bearers help you?

Equip you to walk in your personal destiny.

We'll help you

see what you have and help you find what you need..

We have developed what we call the 3-V Formula...


In these 3 Steps we will show you 3 Coordinates

that will make your path illuminated and straight.

1. Gain Vision of what is in front of you.

2. Apprehend Value of what matters.

3. What's making your Vision and Values

Vulnerable to failure.

The Foundation

Leadership is imparting vision and making it become reality for those you lead.

Leadership is keeping others focused on their destiny

and empowering them to accomplish it.

It's time to start leading in your

marriage, home, family, job, community and congregation.

I promise you, your ministry is right before your eyes.