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Every Friday evening at 6:30
1586-D US Hwy. 421
Boone, NC

We're welcoming the Lost
Equipping the Saints
Challenging the Religious

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3,500 years ago God led the Hebrew people from Egyptian bondage to Mt. Sinai and freedom. Once there He told Moses,

He would make "Israel a Kingdom of Priests.

The Israelites hardened their hearts and provoked God to anger.

Now under the New Covenant God is raising up an end-time Remnant of the Priesthood who walk in the fullness of the Spirit to release the Glory of God throughout the nations before Christ's return.

Come, be equipped, encouraged and launched to fulfill the Word of God concerning the last days and fulfill the words of His Prophets.

The Identity

Hosts of His Presence

Grounded in His Word

Fellowshipping with His Spirit

Rewarding the Lamb

The Ministry

Our curriculum and processes of teaching are

based in His Presence.

We've helped many people find...

A. Who and where they are.

B. Who and where God wants them to be.

C. Chart a path that leads from point A to point B.

The Pattern


In 3 Steps we will show you 3 coordinates

showing your position and charting your coarse..

Vision - You'll begin seeing Jesus as never before.

Value - Where your treasure is there your heart is also.

Vulnerable - Avoid the things that steal your crown.

The Foundation

As a believer in Jesus Christ you are now called to be a Leader. Leadership is imparting vision and making it become reality for those you lead.

Leadership is keeping others focused on their destiny and empowering them to accomplish it.

It's time to start leading in your marriage, home, family, job, community and congregation.

Your ministry is right before your eyes.

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